Alpha's Truth

Alpha's Truth

Hi everyone!

Happy April. I am so excited for the spring and given that I live in Texas and we had a much milder winter than most of you, I can guess there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way. So happy spring to all of you.

April is a big month for me. I am rereleasing two books. Love Beyond Time (Outsiders #1) and Love Beyond Sanity (Outsiders #2). I hope you’ll check both of them out. I love the Outsiders and its been an incredible journey bringing them back to publication for you.

We’ll talk in May! Be safe and be happy.


Alpha's Truth

Montana Alpha Beaux Nelson believes in living his life the way werewolves were meant to—as naturally and free as possible. He honors the moon with every hunt and breath in his body. When he discovers his true mate is the healer of another pack, he’s determined nothing will come between them—not even her kidnapping. Pursuing her across the continent, Beaux will take any risk to claim the woman meant for him…but surviving her rejection is another matter.

Lake Fennell has never thrived as a healer should, her gift acts out, she changes others without their permission and has failed to save those precious to her. When she discovers Beaux may very well be her true mate, she flees rather than face the possibility. In her haste, she falls into the arms of the True Believers. Months of torture later, she can barely believe it when she wakes to find herself with the one man she shouldn’t want and can never have. In order to save them both, she must leave her true mate, knowing she might not leave his heart in tact. But if she doesn’t do what she was born to do everything will be lost…including the world she’s fought the hardest for.