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Future Be Damned

5. future be damned ebook.jpg

The final book in the Last Hope Series...

It is the end of days...

Aspen has fought, borrowed, and stolen to help the Sisterhood. Though she never forgot where she came from, she never saw where she was going…until now. Now she’s one of them and her guys are with her again. Finally on the right path, they stiill have to forgive each other if they want to take the fight right to the Darkness. 

They lost her once…

Reed, Alexander, Stone, Jamie and Gage suffered for a split-second lapse in judgment, and a momentary loss of faith. They’ve paid for that choice a thousand times over, and together they found a way back to their Sister—their Aspen. Now they will do whatever they have to earn her forgiveness, save the world, and her life—and not necessarily in that order. The fate of the world rests upon her shoulders, and their hearts.

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