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Forbidden Flame


In the heat of my escape from a doomed wedding and a future I dreaded, I stumbled into the unexpected embrace of Zeke Scott—my father's enigmatic business associate.

With a lifetime of secrets shadowing his captivating eyes, Zeke offers me a tantalizing deal: my freedom and empowerment in exchange for unveiling my father's betrayals.

Seduced by the raw intensity between us and drawn into a world of passion and intrigue, I find myself caught in a whirlwind romance.

Zeke's age and experience should set alarms ringing, yet every stolen glance, every illicit touch, only binds me tighter to him.

While he may be upfront about wanting something in return for his searing kisses and the freedom he promises, the stakes are sky-high.

As D-day looms, I'm left with the ultimate choice: can I ever truly free myself, or am I forever chained to the allure of Zeke Scott?

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