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By the end of the day my best friends will all be dead….

I’m not very interesting. Most people just leave me alone. I’m poor and on my own more than I’m not.

Lately, however, I’ve caught the attention of five guys who I never expected to know. Rowan. Ace. Tanner. Griffin. Caesar. They are rich. Powerful. Gorgeous. Sometimes they set things on fire. And, they’re loaded with secrets they won’t tell me.
I think I want to know what they’re hiding. I’m wrong.

Once they share their truths with me, I’ll never be the same. It turns out, everyone is a servant of the darkness, whether they know it or not.

*The reader should be aware this is book 1 of 3. The happy ending comes with book 3. The heroine is stronger than she knows, the guys filled with depths they can’t imagine, and the heat will build from sweet in this novel to very intense by book 3. Please read accordingly. You have been warned.*

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