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Born into a world gone mad, a world consumed by darkness, Deacon survived, then he learned to fight and finally to love. When the only girl he ever cared about doesn’t chose him, he sets off into the post-apocalyptic world where vampires, werewolves, and the purely evil rule the night. His only companion is a guy who wants to be his friend but comes from the very family Deacon wants to escape. 

He has no idea what he’s looking for, until one night in the snow he discovers there is redemption to be found in doing the right thing—even when it’s hard. Maybe he wasn’t the right guy before…but now, he has to be the hero…

Death. Destruction. The End Of Days…For Deacon Evans there is suddenly a future. 

*Please note this book is a spinoff of The Warrior Series, which was a young adult post-apocalyptic romance series. Deacon is NOT young adult. This is a book with adult content. You do not need to read The Warrior series to enjoy this book. The characters have aged and things have changed….in the most interesting ways.*

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