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Werewolf Jason Kenwood is alive—again. His father is dead. His sisters are dead. The woman he once believed to be his mate is married to someone else. What remains of the members of his pack are desperate, sad, and in need of a home. But he’s alive. No one asked him if he wanted to be cloned, but hell, everyone’s had it rough. His story is nothing new.

Instinct, however, makes for a dangerous ally. Tracking the scent of an unthinkable kind of enemy—a daywalking Vampire, he finds himself once again amidst the humans of Genesis. More, he rescues Margot, a doctor and a clone herself. Saving her kindles all kinds of impossible thoughts and feelings—especially since he already met his mate, right?

Vampires. Genesis. Rebirth. The leader of the pack… For Jason Kenwood, life is just the beginning.

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