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Forsaken Flame


Life's thrown me into a whirlwind of uncertainty – just a temporary job and no clue what comes next. Then, in walks Max Broadley, a tall, drop-dead gorgeous master chef who sets my heart ablaze. Our connection sparks like crazy, until my shocking role in his restaurant's downfall douses our fiery chemistry.

Determined to make amends, I scramble to earn Max's forgiveness, even though my actions seem beyond redemption. As if things couldn't get hotter, my attraction to him blazes out of control, messing with my head.


But when life takes a nosedive, I'm left with no choice but to seek the impossible—Max's help. Buried secrets threaten to spill, and the one person I shouldn't trust becomes the only one I want to confide in.

In this steamy tale of forbidden desire and second chances, it feels like we're on the brink of disaster. Will our chemistry simmer into redemption, or will it ignite a blaze that consumes us both?

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