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Flames of Fortune


My life took a wild turn when my own brother, of all people, decided to kidnap me and whisk me away to marry a Russian mobster, whether I want to or not. Can you believe it? But just when I thought all hope was lost, there's Michael Li, my former bodyguard turned sexy protector, crashing into the scene.

So, here we are, desperately trying to outrun the menacing Russian mob. And you know what's even crazier? The heat between us is off the charts, a passion I never saw coming.


With danger lurking at every corner and secrets that could shatter us, I'm forced to dig deep and find the strength to survive. Michael, risking everything to keep me safe, is showing me a kind of loyalty and love I never thought possible.


But can our newfound connection withstand the rollercoaster of danger and desire we're in? In this high-stakes game of love, every touch, every kiss feels like it could be the tipping point.

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