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The Ritual


Imagine a world gone mad, post-apocalyptic and teetering on the edge of chaos. They call it "The Ritual." Every four years, they test girls like me, looking for that special second sight, a power that can see the monsters and help fight them.

I'm Sloane, and I never asked for this gift. When I realize the truth about the Warriors they want to match me with, I run for it. Can't blame me, right? But fate has a funny way of working things out, and my escape turns into an unexpected alliance with these mysterious Warriors.

As we grow closer, I can't shake these haunting visions of a sinister demon who insists I'm its target. With everything always exploding around me I must confront my own inner demons while unraveling secrets that could shatter everything.

Amidst the chaos and danger, I find something I never expected—a connection that transcends fear and blossoms into something none of us see coming.

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