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The Possessed


Hey, I'm Addalee Ackers, and let me tell you, my life's a hot mess of the supernatural kind. As I stand in the pouring rain, all alone, watching Ryker's funeral from a distance. Yeah, Ryker – the guy you might remember I dragged into a world of spirits and shadows, and now he's gone, partly because of me. I'm soaked to the bone, not just from the rain, but with guilt and heartache. I'm the girl nobody wants at the funeral, a reminder of a tragedy they'd rather forget.

Is it possible to find balance in this level of crazy? I've got these weird powers that are more of a curse than a blessing, and then there's Nathan, Cruise, and Danvers. Nathan—He's this mysterious guy with angel blood, and boy, does he stir up some weird feelings in me. We've got this deep, complicated thing going on, full of secrets and past hurts. He's like a bit of calm in my storm, but even that's not simple. Cruise—the man could rule the earth. He’s smart, capable, and I’m pretty sure still hiding secrets from me. Not to mention he’s hot, smoldering, and looks at me like I’m his favorite dessert. And Danvers—he was once possessed and people think he’s a killer. I’m afraid that he might become one if this goes on too much longer.

Oh and demons still want to possess me. Again.

So here I am, dealing with my own supernatural drama, a love life that's like a puzzle with missing pieces, and the constant reminder of what I've done. It's a journey of trying to find some peace, some answers, and maybe even a bit of redemption. But in a world where things that go bump in the night are real, you've got to wonder, am I going to come out of this okay, or is this just the beginning of more chaos?

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