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The Omen


I've finally accepted it: I'm somehow deeply connected to the guys I ended up with after that wild Ritual. But it wasn't the Ritual that shook me to my core—it was getting poisoned later that really made things click. Funny how a brush with death can make everything seem so clear. Now, there's a new curveball: some other guys are claiming I'm meant to be with them. My crew is on edge, ready to throw down, while monsters add a whole new level of danger to our lives.

Things start getting real when we begin to piece together some answers. Trouble is, I'm not a fan of what we're finding. Bad omens are popping up everywhere, and this red-horned monster is after me, dragging us closer to what feels like the end of the world. Maybe it actually is.


So here I am, trying to keep everyone alive while doubting every step I take. Am I strong enough to get us through whatever hell is waiting? And even if I manage to pull it off, will my guys still see me the same way, or will everything that's happened change us forever?

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