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Everything started when my brother Danny got nabbed by ruthless space pirates. But guess what? I've got some seriously interesting company on this wild ride trying to save him. There's Yarrow, all mysterious and intriguing. Haze, who's got this magnetic charm even though he’s always confused about social situations. Then there's Prince, with charisma to spare who always tells the truth, and Bodhi, fearlessly charging ahead to run from his past.

As we dive into one treacherous world after another and unravel the secrets why the celestial sky is on fire, our bonds get tighter, and sparks fly. It's crazy because, before all this, I thought I was just an ordinary soul who had no choice but to do what terrible people wanted. But turns out, I've got this hidden strength.

Now, together, we've got to face our haunted pasts and take on the looming threat of Danny's auction. Can we find the guts to go against destiny, fight for what's right, and break free from our pasts? Our epic love story? Well, it's playing out among the stars.

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