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Hi, I'm Chanel. Not exactly the it-girl, especially in a world that's either fan-girling over Super Soldiers or hating their guts. My folks? Definitely not fans. Me? I never really bought into the whole hating gig. But hey, who's asking?

Then my heart decided to bail on me, and suddenly I needed a new one—yeah, a mechanical heart, because apparently, my life's now a sci-fi movie. And who comes to my rescue? Orson, Beck, Arnav, and Cas. Four Super Soldiers who've seen better days, carrying secrets heavier than their armors.


Our grand plan? Jet off to a space station that's got my new ticker, courtesy of the now-defunct Evander Corp. Only catch? It's run by an AI with a 'no visitors' policy. And as if chatting up a snobby AI wasn't enough, we've got space pirates crashing the party.


And in the midst of dodging laser blasts and sweet-talking metal brains, I'm falling—hard—for these guys. Each of them is a story, a battle, a mystery all on their own. And me? I'm just trying to keep my heart, both the real and the spare, in one piece.


So, here's the million-dollar question: Can you really find love in the vastness of space, with pirates breathing down your neck and an AI playing hard to get? Is love possible in the most unexpected of places, or am I just floating in a fool's paradise?

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